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Have a Crisp Weekend!


Well Howdy! What is everyone up to this weekend?

I’m so excited because I’m headed downtown with some girlfriends for a fun dinner out. No camping this weekend but no cooking either! We’re gonna get our best wares on, have a few cocktails, and probably end up dishing about some fabulous trip we want to plan for winter. Cross-country skiing? Dog mushing? Log cabin New Years Eve?

Hope you have something fun in the works! Have a wonderful time, breath in that good fall air, and enjoy some favorites from the week:

Here’s some tips on how to stay warm camping in a tent. 

Just discovered this great site for finding free campsites. 

I just tried mulled wine for the first time and loved it! Here’s the recipe. 

If you’re camping for Thanksgiving, here’s how to make a pie in the dutch oven! 

Some autumn eye candy.

A Sale on the Sister’s Shop.

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