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Sister Spotlight: Braving Her Fears with Sisters


(This blog post was written & contributed by Sister on the Fly #8835, Lynda F.)

I am told I am brave. I am living my truth. My motto is “everyday is an adventure” and I share this with my spouse of 30 years, Barbara Bond (Sister #8837). While some are looking for the “stereotype”, we are too busy putting on our heels and lipstick. My challenge is putting on boots and foregoing that lipstick to step outside in nature. I found this in the Sisterhood and it changed my life.


-Sister #8835
-Member 1 yr, 2 months
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-Sister Lessons: Bravery

The friendships made through SOTF have been life changing. The impact of participating in Sister Corps1 PA has been life changing. Bravery is a part of many aspects of my life but has eluded me where nature & animals come into play.

I grew up in Boston, rode the subway and played amongst the high rises. In later years the closest I got to camping was at the beach (we live at the beach).

This summer we took a 37 day road trip and 2 of our stops were camping at Yellowstone and Glacier. SOTF had instilled in me “stepping out of my comfort zone”.
Bear signs everywhere. I was convinced I was going to be eaten. A bison strolled within 20 yards of us. I was convinced I was going to be stampeded. Five doe-eyed deer walked shoulder to shoulder. I was convinced I was going to be charged at. But I did it….I camped amongst nature after years of saying “I can’t” for fear of being eaten, stampeded or charged at. I share this picture because even standing there at Glacier I was uneasy wondering what set of eyes were upon me ready to pounce out of the woods…but I did it.

Bravery is empowering….I am a proud Sister who loves her Tribe, the Sisterhood….baby steps….I can’t wait for the Craft-cation event at Leeann M’s I will attend soon. For the 2nd year, I have requested to stay in the farmhouse. Rattlesnakes reside there. I am convinced I will get bitten.

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  1. Sharing your fear is a step in the right direction. I do not understand people who are afraid of snakes, spiders and other parts of nature…that is until I think back and realize I once was one of those people. Living on a farm in rural western North Carolina, I know that the first rock or log I turn over in the spring with a snake under it will make me scream. Once I would have run away, but now I laugh at myself and realize the snake is more afraid of me than I of it. This has lead to a beautiful experience this year of discovering a harmless garter snake with exquisite blue jewel-like eyes. Research finally revealed the secret of those unique eyes: before it sheds, the eyes appear as opaque blue stones. Nature shares so much that we pass by without a thought, but now you have opened a door that has so much too share. Lovely and inspiring article, dear SOTF!

  2. I was immediately drawn to you when I saw your picture. Even happier to see your lifestyle. You two look like tons of fun.

    Enjoyed your article.

  3. I love your story.
    It truly epitomizes our ‘Sisterhood’ In so many ways.

    The animals you’ve feared
    (in your story), can also be equated to people…those we don’t want to meet on the street, or that we run from, given the chance.
    Just sayin’ bravery conquers it all. You ARE one brave Sister, and I can’t wait to see you again at Craftcation!
    P.S. I like how you put TX at the TOP of your list!?

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