We have more fun than anyone

Before joining, can I talk to current members?

Sure! But they might be out and about camping, hosting/organizing or attending SOTF events so we’d rather not disrupt their fun! Instead here is a great blog post with current members’ testimonials of why they love Sisters on the fly as an organization: Why do […]

Before joining, can I find out how many members live near me?

Yes, always a good idea. Check out this list of how many member there are in each state and region: How many SOTF Members Live Where?  

How is SOTF different than Meet Up sites?

Our organization’s events and gatherings are privately published events. The public does not have access to viewing our planned events nor is the location publicized. All our events can be accessed and viewed on our site by active members only. Signing up is confidential and a […]

What can I expect as a new member?

We expect you to be proactive! Jump into it all! As soon as you join, you will get an official SOTF number that’s yours and only yours. You will have access to the private members’ portion of the web site. You need to fill out […]

Why is there an annual dues?

$70 dues goes to maintaining this awesome organization and website with its private members portal, Events portal, member directory and so much more for members only. It helps support a small staff which includes our awesome SOTF Events manager, our busy Bookkeeper, our 24/7 Website moderator, our […]

Before joining, can I see what events there are?

As a member, you just log in and go to the EVENTS tab and start searching- all upcoming events and their details are listed there. As a non-member, you cannot see our events. We keep them from public view, for privacy and security purposes (unlike […]

As a non-member, why can’t I see all the events scheduled?

Unlike MeetUp’s website, our events are privately posted and managed. We do not want the public showing up to an event unless invited (e.g.- like to a Vintage Trailer Tour event or a fundraising auction). But you can have a look at our SOTF Activities Daily […]

Before joining, can I find out about events scheduled near me?

First have a look at our SOTF Activities Daily Calendar that we post for a general overview of what’s going in the world of SOTF and where we are and when throughout the year. (Not every single event is there as there are new events being […]

Do I need a trailer to join?

Nope. Although camping in vintage trailers has become one of the things SOTF has become recognized for, you do not need to have a trailer, vintage or otherwise to join or to attend events. You are welcome to join us with whatever you have or nothing at all. We have several Sisters who have full size RV’s, […]

Do I need to know how to fly fish to be a member?

No and actually a high percentage of our members do not fly fish. The organization was started when the founders Maurrie and Becky (real sisters) took their girlfriends fly fishing. Why fly fishing? Because Maurrie’s son Austin is this really awesome, famous, highly sought-after fly fishing […]