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What about alcohol at gatherings?


This is a great question! A non-member acquaintance of mine learned I was a Sister and she said she’d heard it’s big drinking club. It is a big social and friendly club, yes. Like middle school, a sorority or any gaggle of women, you find diverse groups and types within them.

With so many members, there is the full gamut of imbibers- from teetotalers (non-imbibers) to lovers of the grape or grain!

There is no SOTF rule against alcohol. The rule of “Be Nice” and be considerate to all sisters would be tapped if a Sister does become offensive, disruptive or rude due to her alcohol consumption or for any other reason for that matter. The hostess representing SOTF has the right to ask a person to leave a gathering. Campgrounds and other venues have their own rules about quiet time and behavior of guests as well.

The hostess makes the basic rules for an event she is spearheading. Some events are activities during the day where drinks would just be plain counterproductive and counterintuitive. Some events are celebrations where a specialty cocktail could actually be the theme or treat.

We are all adults. We navigate the dynamics of this group just like we all navigate life in general.