We have more fun than anyone

Why the “No men, no kids, be nice, have fun” rule?


We have had this general rule in place since we started in 1999.

The beauty & benefits of Sisters on the fly is getting women together into the great outdoors. To have optimal adventures without having to think or worry about daily responsibilities, we want the kids, grandkids and guys left at home most of the time for our organized events! Leave it all behind in your rearview mirror and relax…

Camping, travel adventures, philanthropic endeavors, outdoor activities and social events together as women are at the heart & soul of Sotf. This membership-based community supports women in their journey to get up, get out, be more independent, become more adventurous and have a more fulfilling life in the company of other like-minded friends.

Having fun together in the great outdoors is always foremost in our minds.
And women can sometimes not be nice when best laid plans go awry or
there are lots of different personalities all trying their best to “have more fun than anyone,”
so we try to keep the Be Nice rule in check.

A couple years ago we removed the No Dogs part of our rule because we learned sometimes Fido likes to sit “shotgun” and can provide great company and comfort on the road to members.