We have more fun than anyone

My Sister Story: Linda, Sister # 1578


I am Sister #1578, towing the 2010 pop-up Chalet. I recently celebrated my seventieth birthday. I never liked the term “bucket-list.” I prefer to think about how to live every day of the life I’m given – a life list. Seeing more of my own home country is on my life list. And, oh, how surprised I was to discover what a beautiful country it is.

I’m remembering the fun and great times I’ve had with Sisters on the Fly. It’s not too much of the strife. I remember walking like an Egyptian, and rocking out multiple times to “Mustang Sally.” I remember the Meramec Caverns in Missouri and meeting the mayor of Williams, Arizona. I remember Elvis in the women’s bathrooms along the way. I remember feeling hope and expectation in Chicago and exuberance on the Santa Monica Pier.

I want to see more of Illinois and Missouri and I think Oklahoma deserves another change without the torrential rains. Once when arriving in Joliet, I was alone. Ellen Franks found that I did not have a caravan to join and immediately invited me to join the group of women she was with. The other women included me as though I had been in their group from the beginning!                      – Linda, Sister #1578