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“Girl Time-” The Benefits of Female Friendships


We love this insightful article written by a Counselling Psychologist with her very comprehensive list of the benefits of having girlfriends in your life, ladies.

Here are a couple of those:

· There aren’t any taboo topics while talking to them. We can talk just about anything — if things are good, they are excited for us; if not they encourage and support us in whatever we are going through.

· Even if we don’t say anything, they can read our mind, and never fail to show us compassion.

· They walk with us through everything — death, divorce, illness; are each other’s cheerleader, offering a helping hand and reminding us of the “glass half full.”

· They infuse in us   energy and optimism

Read the whole article HERE.


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  1. Today I turned 48! With a year of medical and emotional challenges, I have been reading and looking at all you beautiful girls for hope. My gift to me today was a SOFT membership! I know I will be back on the road one day! Heading to one of these Amazing events! Inspiration and Hope!

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