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One big sisterhood

We do not have “chapters” per se. You might say we are “free-range!” We have no borders and there’s no fencing around us! We are one big membership of women (“Sisterhood”) residing all over. Bigger states have bigger numbers of members, of course, and there are denser hubs of members in bigger cities and metropolitan areas. Warmer states more suitable for year-round recreation and camping typically have more members than other states.

No trailer? No fishing? No problem!

You do not need a camper trailer to join in the fun. Even I, a longtime member, use a tent or local motel to attend SOTF events and any overnight gatherings. So you don’t either! (If I can do it, you can too!) And just because our name implies fly fishing, a very high percentage of us do not fish nor care to even try. SOTF has evolved quite a bit since it’s origins as a small women’s fishing group to what it is now- the largest women’s outdoorsy social & recreational group in the nation.

Think Regional

All our members are grouped in 10 basic geographical regions to help facilitate local or regional gatherings and events and to communicate better on a colloquial level. Those regions are:

(Canada, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, E. Washington, W. Washington)
2. SOTF WEST REGION (California, Nevada, Hawaii)
3. SOTF SOUTHWEST REGION (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico)
5. SOTF ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION (Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, So. Dakota, No. Dakota)
6. SOTF HEARTLAND REGION (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma)
7. SOTF MIDWEST REGION (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois)
 (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, NH & VT)
APPALACHIA REGION (Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, MD, PA, NJ & DE, Tennessee)
(North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi)

By the numbers—

Below are how many active, annual dues-paying Sisters on the fly members there are in these states & foreign countries (as of August 15, 2018).


Alabama- 85
Alaska- 13
Arizona- 271
Arkansas- 92
California- 787
Colorado- 277
Connecticut- 22
Delaware- 12
District of Columbia- 2
Florida- 216
Georgia- 180
Hawaii- 4
Idaho- 160
Illinois- 80
Indiana- 70
Iowa- 33
Kansas- 75
Kentucky- 40
Louisiana- 60
Maine- 17
Maryland- 45
Massachusetts- 46
Michigan- 84
Minnesota- 54
Mississippi- 26
Missouri- 132
Montana- 160
Nebraska- 22
Nevada- 65
New Hampshire- 20
New Jersey- 50
New Mexico- 65
New York- 100
North Carolina- 135
North Dakota- 12
Ohio- 115
Oklahoma- 156
Oregon- 21o
Pennsylvania- 77
Rhode Island- 7
South Carolina- 57
South Dakota- 30
Tennessee- 96
Texas- 998!!!
Utah- 42
Vermont- 16
Virginia- 101
Washington- 343
West Virginia- 18
Wisconsin- 52
Wyoming- 75

To learn more click HERE.

To reach out and learn more, email us.

Thanks for checking out Sisters on the fly. Hope to see you as a member soon.

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  • cheryl bowles

    I have relocated from Nevada to LouisiAna and would like to affiliate with the region here. How can I do so….Cheryl B

  • Rose Worster

    Hello to all, I am new to the group today. I’m looking for members in Maine and I will be moving to Florida in the near future, Looking to connect and participate in events or gatherings
    Rose W

  • Juley Kingsley

    Hi there! I’m new to the group. I live in Salem, Oregon. I’m looking forward to going on fun adventures and making new friends.

  • AJ Woodard

    New to group, Live in Conway South Carolina. Looking forward to an adventure!

  • Gina Kees

    Hi! I’m new to the group. I live in middle Georgia and would love to find some sisters and events near me.

  • Patricia_Cofhlin

    Looking for members in gulf south

  • Sandra Vela

    Hello, I just joined today….I’m in Austin, Texas and do not have a trailer —yet!
    I’m hoping to learn as I go from this great bunch of inspirational gals!

  • Karin Porch

    Hi, I am newer member looking to connect with other Sisters. I am full time RVer currently in Bellevue WA (outside Seattle) visiting family.
    Any Sisters around that want to get a cuppa?

  • Carolyn Cundiff

    Welcome New Sisters – Get hooked up on the Official SOTF Facebook page, that is where all the chat and connecting goes on. Your wrangler can get you in. You can find your wrangler under the Member’s Area link above under sister directories. You can also search for members by town or state.

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