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Sister #474 Spotlight


Kris Brown – Sisters on the Fly National Wrangler0422170912_5

Kris is one of four sisters born and raised in San Francisco, reared by their father following the death of their mother early in their lives. She is a sister, daughter, wife, mother, widow, grandmother of five including triplets and… she is a survivor.

Kris and her first husband lived in Washington State, operated their own trucking company and, when they weren’t able to have children right away, decided to adopt their first son.  Lucky boy he was! As so often happens with childless couples, they adopt and quickly discover they are pregnant!  It wasn’t long after that Kris and her husband welcomed their second son.  Then shortly after that Kris’s husband died in a tragic highway accident.  At a very young age she was left a single parent with two very young sons.

With what is her mantra, “Today is going to be a good day,” she moved on as best she could, determined to make the best life for her small family.  Over time she became a real estate broker, mortgage company owner and property manager.  Kris remarried, moved to California and spent decades enjoying life in Placerville with her husband, Charlie, before his death in 2005.  Once again she was a widow.  And, once again, she picked her heart up off the floor and moved on with her life.NWG 2017 ceci-145

In 2006 she discovered Sisters on the Fly and jumped in with her perpetual excitement and positive attitude.  Luncheons were organized for members in California, trips were soon on the planning agenda and dozens of women began to be impacted by this dynamo of a woman.

When the Wrangler Program was introduced it quickly became obvious that the best woman for the job of organizing this group and setting up a program for  welcoming new members and keeping them energized would be Kris.  She has been the major key in this effort as well as encouraging others to step up and join in her program.

When I think about Kris, her ability to make every day FB_IMG_1492651429612positive, her mentoring and skill in searching for solutions, it reminds me of a song from the Sound of Music: “How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?” She’s that special!

“She has the wisdom of a hundred-year-old Chinese grandmother.” Glenda, SOTF #62

Kris is FABULOUS!  She is “calm, cool & collective”!!  Jackie, SOTF #2274

( This article was contributed by Kaarin Simpson, SOTF #441 and is the first in a series of Member Profiles.)

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  1. What a beautiful testament to our sister Kris Brown! I cannot find the words in my vocabulary to adequately express how special Kris is. She energizes, motivates, organizes and makes us laugh and feel loved all at the same time. I’m so glad our life paths have crossed Ms. Brown…….my life is certainly richer because of YOU!

  2. Love this Sister! She is always there to lend a helping hand, guide me or give me advice I may stumble upon planning events! Always so positive, fair and supportive to SOTF!

  3. My first experience with Kris was at my first experience as a Sister. It was the Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho Annual gathering at the Lutheran Church Camp – it was an amazing experience made even more so by Kris. I was definitely a newbie and Kris jumped right in to help me park and showed my how to use leveling blocks, even loaned me a couple of hers – never forgot that Kris, you made me feel totally welcome and that assured me I had made the right decision to join this wonderful group. I’ve been watching your happy and helping heart and hands with your beautiful smile at work at every event I’ve attended since then. Thank you Kris Brown!

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