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Can I donate to a cause for SOTF?


Yes and our members do this exact thing all day long.  As a group we are very big-hearted and out to make a difference. If a member has a great cause she would like to support and uses the power and generosity of the Sisters on the fly membership base to raise money for that cause or entity, she would be doing it as a Sister on the Fly for Sisters on the fly.

We are currently working on how to present recipients with those giant presenter checks! How fun is that?  A sister gets the recognition for the effort and vision; Sisters on the fly gets credit as well since the giving power came from its members.

Over the years, SOTF members have raised & donated money for local & national non-profits like Casting for Recovery, the Mazie Morrison Foundation, Healing Reins, the Humane Society, various performing arts centers- too many to mention! Click HERE to see a list of fundraisers in the past.)

Contact info@sistersonthefly.com to learn more about organizing something for the greater good under the banner of Sisters on the fly.