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Is SOTF a non-profit or for-profit entity?


Sisters on the Fly is a private corporation, Sisters on the Fly, Inc. It is operated as a business; it is not a non-profit. It is a for-profit business with membership dues, an online retail store, fees for its events and trips and other fee-based services it provides.

The Mazie Morrison Foundation (MMF) is a non-profit organization started by SOTF owners Maurrie & Becky. It is independent from SOTF. The MMF has its own Board of Directors overseeing it. Sisters on the Fly does not & cannot profit from donations to the MMF. The MMF can accept donations to support its cause as a 501 (c)(3), whereby it is exempt from federal income tax as its activities have the following purpose: charitable grants to women & girls to enhance the well-being of their lives. SOTF has strong interest in promoting & supporting the MMF as it was set up to honor the founders’ mother who was the inspiration for starting Sisters on the Fly, Inc.

SOTF co-founder Maurrie’s “Quilts on the Fly Project” accepts quilts, quilting & material donations and monetary support in support of Maurrie’s personal efforts. Quilts on the Fly Project is solely Maurrie’s pet project of love & comfort for those requesting a quilt for recovery and comfort during a time of need. Anyone giving to this project cannot write it off as tax deductible as it is not a 501(c)(3). Nor is Sisters on the Fly profiting from donations to the QOTF Project. You are simply supporting Maurrie & her personal project here.