We have more fun than anyone

What is a “SOTF Wrangler?”

Wranglers are members who volunteer to organize their area’s SOTF contingent. A wrangler can oversee a part of a state, more than one state, or a country region. There might be more than one wrangler for an area (Co-Wranglers). Wrangler are responsible for: making first […]

How do I find members in my area?

As a member, you can find all members and their profiles in the MEMBERS AREA in MEMBER DIRECTORY. And don’t be shy. The main reason we are all members is to connect with other like-minded women. As a non-member, you can find general numbers of […]

How is SOTF different than Meet Up sites?

Our organization’s events and gatherings are privately published events. The public does not have access to viewing our planned events nor is the location publicized. All our events can be accessed and viewed on our site by active members only. Signing up is confidential and a […]

What’s the Hostess concept with SOTF Events?

Holding a SOTF Event is any Sister’s prerogative and any Sister can organize one! That makes her the hostess of it. She might often have a committee supporting her. Events are often co-hosted by more than one Sister to help with logistics and the “cat-herding.” With the assistance of our Hostess […]

Who are the “Wranglers?”

We have members who have stepped into the role of “wranglers.” Wranglers are in charge of a state region, a state, several states or a national region and keep “their” area members in the know and connected to all things SOTF. Kind of like a […]

Can I advertise my business to all SOTF members?

Yes! We love to help promote independent sellers in our Sisters on the Fly Vendors Marketplace forum. It’s easy and very reasonable to post an annual ad there. Members and non-members are welcomed. Advertise HERE if you want to reach thousands of daily SOTF site visitors a week. With […]

How do I get a “Merit Badge?”

We try to explain how you earn or justify getting each badge in the shopping cart items themselves with a creative description. It is an honor system- no one is keeping track for you or you need not earn “x” amount a year like the […]

How many members are there?

When a woman joins Sisters on the Fly she is issued a unique membership number. Numbers are assigned in in chronologic order of sign up. Since its start up in 1999, more than 20,000 women have joined the SOTF ranks.  Our current active & engaged […]

Can I donate to a cause for SOTF?

Yes and our members do this exact thing all day long.  As a group we are very big-hearted and out to make a difference. If a member has a great cause she would like to support and uses the power and generosity of the Sisters […]

Are you a “sanctuary” for women?

In a way I guess you could say that. We want Sisters on the Fly gatherings, events, trips and friendships to be safe, happy, carefree, non-political, liberating and fun. Our “spaces” are the great outdoors, campgrounds, backyards, rivers, mountains, gardens, and natural places for the […]