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If Vintage Trailers Sent Holiday Cards


We love getting holiday cards from our family and friends. The loving messages possibly written out over a few glasses or wine, the shiny faces of our grandkids in clothes they can’t wait to get out of, a best friend’s familiar face shining from the conquering of a vigorous hike – all have a special place in our hearts.

All these people are very near and dear to us, but so is our vintage trailer! Here’s a guess at what Holiday Cards from Vintage Trailers would look like:





image 2 correct



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  1. Omg! You gals put me to shame! I only did a little do-dad on my trailer and was tickled with that. (Pic is on my blog) But now I’m inspired! Next year my girl is gonna “put on the dog” for Christmas cuz now this sister wants to kick it up a notch! Great job gals!
    Lenore #1018

  2. Thought seriously about decorating my trailer to the nines, putting in our front yard all lit up. Dress up like Mrs. Santa Claus, come out from my trailer with candy canes for children. Such a magical time! Of course we will always have our Nativity on display.

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