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The Camping Cowgirl’s Guide to Packing Up and Getting Away

If you’re like us, it’s pretty much always a good time to camp! But sometimes, the idea of “getting away” can seem daunting. How do I plan? What do I pack? And what could I stand to leave at home? Here are a few common sense […]

The Tale of Little Orphan Annie and Calamity Maurrie

Every year our fearless foundress migrates from Arizona to Montana and back again. Her return to the Grand Canyon State marks the conclusion of a summer spent sharing fly fishing with fellow Sisters, hosting ranching retreats and attending SOTF’s biggest blowouts. While the excitement of […]

One Sisterhood Offers Survivors a Unique Road to Recovery

What’s a Sister for after all? A Sister is someone you call on when you’re feeling a little misunderstood or, a little goofy or, maybe just little bored. A Sister may be the only person who supports you when you’re trying something new or helps […]

The Color, Passion and Style of Sisters on the Fly

Style is a tough thing to put your finger on, but you know it when you see it.  It’s that little touch of something bold on a blank backdrop, a dash of smile-inducing color in a neutral space, or the simplicity of well-cared-for-gear, lovingly used. […]

What We Talk About, When We Talk About Sisterhood

When visitors first encounter Sisters on the Fly, it’s often through the lens of one of our many interests; most famously, the restoring, hauling and displaying of vintage campers.  It’s true that “camping in comfort” could absolutely be considered one of our favorite things to […]

Give “Little Orphan Annie” a Good Home

If Sisters on the Fly knows one thing, its trailers. They have lived, breathed, restored, hauled, displayed, debated, caravaned and lived in trailers. But there was one thing the group hadn’t ever done before – designed! Well with the arrival of “Little Orphan Annie,” that has […]

A Day in the Life of our Founders!

The road less traveled is not often the easiest one – but with dedication, an adventurous streak and a little help from your friends, you can turn it into a parade down Main St.!   That’s precisely what Sister #1 and Sister #2 did when founding […]

Sister Profile: Artist Paige Bridges

When Sister #1, Maurrie Sussman was asked what would make the perfect pictorial for the first ever Sisters on the Fly private label wine, she answered in no time at all. “There is an artist that would be perfect! Her name is Paige Bridges and […]

Common Question: Do you have to Fly Fish to be a Sister?

Inquiring minds are always asking – Do you have to fly fish to be a Sister on the Fly? The answer is – of course not! Its true the Sisters on the Fly got its name in part, from its origin story. Sister #1, Maurrie Sussman […]

Sisters on the Fly Complete Historic Route 66 Journey

On June 4th, the “all the way Sisters,” stepped onto the Santa Monica pier in celebration of the beautiful completion of their American dream. Almost 300 Sisters hauled vintage trailers from Chicago Il, to Venture CA in an all female, all fun, cross country adventure. […]